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How to be a World Overcomer

We can expect overwhelming victory over life's obstacles because Jesus preached a message of victory.

The Dead are Raised



In this thrilling account, Tabitha is raised from the dead and many people believe in Jesus!

Healing Faith



The first healing miracle in the Book of Acts is Peter reaching out his right hand to lift up a lame man who he is instantly healed!

One Week that Changed the World



Retrace the last week of Jesus' life and learn about seven significant events that occurred.

Act with Power



The Holy Spirit came upon the early church on the Day of Pentecost. Power was distributed to the apostles and miraculous signs started to occur.

Act Like Christ



Acts is a book of action. We are to act like Christ, just as the apostles did. Don't be afraid of the acts of God but instead, embrace them!

David's Heart of Praise



David's heart of praise was communicated through his language to God. Did you know your words can create a spirit of faith?

The Heart of David



God is looking for a sincere and loyal heart and He found it in David.

Will He find it in you, too? 

In Him



We were once spiritually dead in Adam, but in and through Jesus, we were brought back into spiritual life! 

Who Are We in Christ?



As a believer, you now have access to every spiritual blessing. You also have authority over every obstacle in your life. So start claiming it!

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